Welcome to Picturefry Games

We are very pleased to introduce our assets!

​Cute Monster pack1

8 cute monsters included

$30 USD

​Mid Level Monster pack1

6 mid level monsters included

$35 USD

​Fantasy Boss Monster 01

6 Boss monsters included

$45 USD

​RPG Rogue

Four types of Rogue included

$12 USD

​Cute Monster pack2

8 cute monsters included

$ 30 USD

Mid Level Monster 02

6 mid level monsters included

$ 35 USD

RPG Main Characters

Archer/Knight/Assasin/Worlord/Wizard included

$ 20 USD

Fantasy Boss Monsters 02

6 boss Monsters included

$ 45 USD


RPG Basic & Knight

4 characters included

$ 20 USD


RPG Goddes

1 character included

$ 10 USD


Casual Game Effect2

34 game effects included

$ 10 USD

cute animal pack01.jpg

Cute Animal Pack1

6 animals included

$ 25 USD


Introducing Picturefry Games!

Picturefry is a game art studio specialized in the creation of 3d art for games.

Quality 3D assets are created with the standard tools from the game industry and are ready to use in your real time projects


Have a question? Contact us now! We will try our best to help. 

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